Six lawyers reveal how they stay fit

By: August 31, 2012

When you're pulling long hours at the office, it takes some serious effort

When you land your dream job, you’ll be sitting at a desk at said job for many, many hours a day. To stay fit and energized — not to mention keeping your butt from looking like it lives in an office chair — you need to cram in some exercise. How? Take the advice of these fit and successful lawyers who’ve worked out how to work out:

Megan Marrie Partner, Shibley Righton LLP:

“I schedule a run or workout with my personal trainer in my calendar just like I would a client meeting or conference call.”

David Ullmann Partner, Minden Gross LLP:

“My sport activity, skeet shooting, is something I can do with clients. The gun range is open almost all the time and I can let myself in, so I can go whenever I have time. That’s important — in our business our work schedule can change radically on short notice.”

Sandra Rosier Tax advisor and Precedent columnist:

“I hired a personal trainer. At that price point, I have to get out of bed and eat properly. exercise has got to be fun so twice a week I play squash in the winter and soccer in the summer.”

Christopher Slade Associate, Stikeman Elliott LLP:

“I bring my exercise clothes to work so I’m prepared for an evening workout with a colleague, or sometimes I will jog home rather than taking a taxi. I also participate in firm- organized and sponsored fitness activities.”

Laurie Livingstone Partner, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP:

“Almost every Saturday morning during golf season you’ll find me on the golf course, walking and carrying my clubs to maximize the fitness benefit. I’m motivated because I love the sport so much.”

Luisa Ritacca Partner, Stockwoods LLP:

“Ten years ago i found a Pilates instructor who was willing to meet with me before 7 a.m. twice a week. I also manage to sneak in two to three runs per week late at night after the kids are in bed.”

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