Law Society of Upper Canada to tackle articling crisis

By: July 4, 2011

A task force is set to look into the recent problem

The Law Society has struck a task force to address concerns related to Ontario’s articling program — especially the growing number of candidates unable to find articling positions.

The decision, approved by benchers at the June Convocation, follows on the heels of an announcement in May by Law Society Treasurer Laurie Pawlitza that a working group of the Professional Development & Competence Committee would be formed to tackle articling issues. The task force, however, is a step up from the working group structure, in that it will be allocated a budget and will be allowed to appoint members outside the PD&C Committee.

A report released in May shows an increasing rate of unplaced articling candidates, which as of March 2011 stood at 12.1 percent (214 of 1767 candidates), though some of those candidates may yet find positions. This is a sharp increase from March 2008, when just 5.8 percent of candidates (81 of 1391) were unable to find articling positions.

Click here to read the full report.

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