Four tips on how to travel smart

By: August 31, 2012

Pack with these tips in mind to make your next trip smooth sailing

Get a passport, and keep it up to date

so you don’t miss out on last-minute travel opportunities. Many countries won’t let you in if your passport will expire within the next six months. Also remember to make encrypted electronic copies of your ID, passport and travel documents before you leave. they will speed up the process of getting replacement docs if you’re parted from your possessions.

Always know where your chargers are

so you’re never stuck without juice for your electronics. Put down $20 or so for an international electrical adapter (preferably with surge protection) so you can plug everything from your blow dryer to your laptop into the wall anywhere in the world.

Wear socks

even if you’re heading somewhere hot. You don’t want to be barefoot when airport security asks you to take your shoes off, or suffer through eight hours of icy airplane air blowing on your ankles.

Disable data roaming

in the settings of your smartphone before you leave Canada, or you’ll get wacked with a big bill — it’ll happen even if you don’t open your browser. if hotel Wi-Fi won’t be enough, buy a data roaming package from your service provider before you leave.

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