Editor’s note: Why one law student forgot his favourite food

By: September 20, 2016

The stress of law school can make the mind do funny things

ice cream

Ice cream. If you asked me to name my favourite food, that would be my reply. (Specifically, Ed’s Real Scoop, served right up the street from my house in Toronto.) I wouldn’t hesitate. But for one law student, coming up with an answer to that question was nearly impossible.

Melissa Kluger

PrecedentJD’s editor-in-chief Melissa Kluger

Allow me to explain. A few months back, I interviewed a law student for a summer job at Precedent, and I asked her what students want to read about. She suggested stories that would help them handle the stress of law school and the pressure to land a great job. It can be all-consuming. In fact, she said, the stress once got so bad that when she asked a friend of hers to name his favourite food, he simply could not remember. All he could think about was school.

For anyone who can relate to that experience, this edition of PrecedentJD magazine is for you. We can’t make law school a cakewalk or make sure you ace that brutal contracts final. But we will arm you with everything you need to launch your career in the right direction, from navigating cocktail parties to nailing your interviews. And we’ll help you find not just a job, but the job that’s right for you.

In this issue, you’ll be inspired by the career path that Insiya Essajee took to become an awe-inspiring human-rights lawyer. We also have some pretty useful intel on what it’s actually like to work at a big Bay Street law firm in Toronto and how to dress the part. If you’re a bit adventurous, we have a few good reasons to consider Yellowknife as your career destination. And if you’ve lost sight of your favourite food, our killer sandwich recipe might be just what you need.

If you’re wondering about the student I interviewed, she’s a 2L at Osgoode Hall Law School named Alexandria Chun. And her favourite food is pizza. For. Sure. I know this because her savvy interview skills landed her the job at Precedent, where she spent the summer helping us prepare for the launch of our brand new student website: PrecedentJD.com. The new site is packed with useful career advice, the latest news on the legal job market and fashion tips. It’s also the home of Precedent’s super-popular Hireback Watch.

I wish you a great school year — the kind where you never lose sight of your favourite food.





Melissa Kluger
Publisher & Editor

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