How to get hired back as an associate

By: August 30, 2012

Seal the deal as an articling student with these 5 tips

It’s one thing to land an articling position, but it’s another to get hired back as an associate. Leigh-ann McGowan, assistant director, professional development and student programs at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP — which hired back a record 16 students this year — tells you how to pull it off in five easy tips

1. Do your best on every task

Be open to all the opportunities available to you and take on a wide range of work while keeping deadlines in mind. “Do the best possible work and don’t forget to breathe.”

2. Build relationships

You already have a formal, assigned mentor, but talk to other lawyers at the firm too and build a network. Others can champion your future at the firm. and if you decide to pursue a different goal, having a broad network will help you find opportunities outside the firm.

3 Support other articling students

Working at a firm is about teamwork, so start building great relationships with your peers, not just your superiors. You never know which of your colleagues will be your partners one day.

4. Be keen

“Students who get the assignment, write the memo, don’t ask questions, hand in the memo and disappear don’t stand out.” get really engaged in the file by offering to do more than what was asked.

5. Have fun

“Get to know the people you work with. it’ll make articles much more engaging.” When you work hard and get involved in firm initiatives and activities, opportunities come your way. “You never know what opportunity a coffee in the kitchenette will lead to.”

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