3 last-minute checks before meeting firm reps

By: September 16, 2013

PrecedentJD’s publisher and editor Melissa Kluger shares her tips

Check your vents

Hey, is that a new suit you’re wearing for your interviews? I can tell. The vent at the back of your jacket is basted shut with a little “x.” It’s not a decorative flourish, it’s a utilitarian stitch meant to hold the fabric in place prior to purchase. No matter how great you look in your suit, if you haven’t plucked out that stitch, that “x” marks you as an amateur.

Check the menu

When a firm asks you to lunch or dinner, it’s best to prepare in advance. Browse the menu online to figure out what you want to order. If you have food restrictions, call the restaurant and get your questions answered beforehand. With your meal planned, you’ll be able to spend more time impressing the folks at the table and less with your nose in the menu.

Check Twitter

I won’t remind you that firms are checking you out online and you’d best watch what you say. But I will tell you to start following firms you’re interested in. I can’t promise the most interesting read (or cute cats), but social media offers a quick way to find out what firms have on the go — info you can casually drop into conversation. #sweet

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